Our unfaltering dedication to quality is something we are very proud of; we constantly strive to do things better for our patients. This ethos has led to innovative, evidence based developments to our procedures and ongoing improvements to the patient experience.

The Care Quality Commission (CQC), an independent regulator of health and social care in England, has rated ‘Outstanding’. This means you can rest assured that our services are safe, reliable and patient-focused.

We know that our performance is a vital part of trusting us to care for you, your patients or loved ones, which is why we want to share the following information with you.

Centre of excellence
  • Highly experienced consultants
  • Select range of specialties
  • Specialist teams

By focusing on a select range of specialties, we concentrate our efforts on being the best provider of the procedures we offer; our consultants regularly perform extremely high volumes of the surgery they specialise in.

A focused range of procedures means tighter controls – with smaller wards and a close-knit family of colleagues we maintain exceptional standards of care and cleanliness and achieve outstanding results.

The strength of our medical leadership is extremely robust, with medical directors based at each hospital, and clinical directors employed centrally to oversee each specialty and provide support to all relevant sites.

  • Zero cases of MRSA
    or C. Difficile bactereamia

We have a 100% clean record against hospital acquired MRSA and C. Diff infection – our patients are just not exposed to these superbugs with us!

Speed of access and recovery
  • Fast access times
  • Some of the shortest lengths of stay in the industry

We have some of the fastest access times in the country, enabling patients to be seen sooner and avoid long NHS waiting lists.

Patient experience
  • 99% of patients would recommend us
  • 5 star reviews

Our hospitals come very highly recommended by those who’ve been treated by us. 99% of patients would recommend our hospitals according to the NHS Friends and Family Test (FFT):

We regularly receive positive feedback from patients who want to tell us how great their experience was.